Book Review| Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

Flawed by Cecelia Ahern

So, I bought this book during the time that my birthday was approaching so I could have a legit reason to hoard books. Also, I’m late on the book-review wagon but not on reading it but better late than never, right?

Before picking this book up at the bookstore, I hadn’t heard much about this book, just that Cecelia Ahern was writing a new book, and that it was of the dystopia genre. Color me surprised because wherever I saw her name popping up, it was always a contemporary novel that accompanied it.

So naturally, I being me, thought that this really wouldn’t be all that dystopia-like and that it wouldn’t have that feel that dystopia books have to them.

Suffice to say that I was wrong. It’s on the internet now. I judged a book before reading it and I was wrong. Sorry.

After reading this, I was blown away. I’d given up on dystopia after reading a particular series, which shall not be named because it is a favorite of so many people. But Flawed really got me into dystopia again. If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s about a teenaged girl, Celestine North who quite literally has the perfect life, living in a society where being perfect is everything. She genuinely believes that.

Unlike usual dystopian heroines, at the beginning she is not a rebel. She genuinely believes that what is being done to the ‘Flawed’, is correct. Her views take a sharp U-turn when she finds herself the target because of a ‘mistake’ made. She was prejudiced against the Flawed until she became one of them and learnt what it was like for them.

This world was a harsh, brutal world disguised as a perfect one.

While this does sound a tad clichéd, I can honestly say it was different from the usual dystopia. A certain event in this book was intense. The story went through with something I was sure wouldn’t happen. It didn’t depend on coincidence or the assumption that the hero would save the day. In fact, it had no hero, and it had no saving, either.

There was barely any romance in this, which was really apt and needed because I don’t think that with what was going on, the events could be romanticized. And though there were love interests, the story wasn’t about them.

The story also has some scenes set in high school, after Celestine becomes Flawed, and it shows how one event can change people’s opinions of you. It doesn’t matter if you were perfect, people will judge you and hold grudges against you for almost as long as you live because of one mistake. It is something a lot of people can relate to because it’s something that happens everyday. I love how Cecelia Ahern shows that even in a world where people can pretend to be perfect and flawless, on the inside they can be full of what they hide on the outside.

Wow, that was deep. I don’t usually go into such depth, forgive me.

All in all, I personally loved the book. It wasn’t some epic YA dystopia with rebel movements and moving speeches. It was simply about a girl stranded on one side because she showed compassion to an imperfect in a perfect world and found herself dealing with the consequences and having a change of heart.

I was pleasantly surprised by Cecelia Ahern’s knack for YA. I’d read Where Rainbows End and loved it but never really read any other books by her because I don’t usually read contemporary books.

I definitely await the next book of the duology, Perfect.

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