Review Policy

Authors and Publishers, I welcome new books to review. If you would like for me to do so, please keep the following points in mind before contacting me. Also keep in mind that I am, after all, 15 years old, and will only read/review YA or NA.

I review the books on this blog, on Goodreads and will promote it on my Instagram page, as well. Other than that, let me know and I will try my best.

I do not review the following genres:

  • Textbook/Educational
  • Non Fiction
  • Tutorial
  • Adult
  • Poem
  • Religious
  • Biography/Autobiography

You can either contact me using the form below or send me an email at

Tell me about the book in the comment of the form/in the body of the email, and tell me all the places you would like me to review the book. I will try my best to post my review wherever possible for me. I will send you the review via email as well.

I accept ARCs, and finished copies. E-books are difficult for me to read for the reason that I do not own a tablet or a device on which I would be comfortable reading. Even if I do accept an ebook copy, please note that I will give priority to physical copies as I often forget about ebooks.

If I don’t reply back, please don’t take offence because I after all am a busy student and would find it rather time consuming to reply to each and every review request other than ones I’m interested in.

So if you think you’d be interested, contact me! You can do it by email which is, DM my on Instagram (link in the footer) or use the form below!